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My name is Josh, and I started Fitness With A Fork to show people how to live healthier. There was a time recently when you didn’t have to travel to a gym to get “fit.” It was controlled through active jobs, lifestyles, and eating good nutritious foods. I want to bring this back to the forefront.

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Why Fitness With A Fork?

Most, like myself, who have issues losing weight have control problems. They give into urges, stress, and binge eat, exploding overall caloric intake.

Control Over Hunger

One key thing focusing on fitness first that proves problematic is overeating based on exertion. Learning to control hunger and appetite is vital to your longer-term success.

Control Over Urges

Many people, including myself these days, have abysmal impulse control. This leads to overeating and this simple caloric increase leads to insidious weight gain which is why you have to learn control.

Control Over Stress

Another key for most is that they start to eat more as they become stressed. Stress, while common, has increased in society with every passing year, leading to uncontrolled weight gain.

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Being strong and healthy is about balancing and making small, healthy daily choices.

I try to share recipes that use inexpensive and common ingredients that are easy to find and simple to prepare.

I also share fun and easy exercises. Some examples are walking, riding a bike, jumping jacks, or playing sports with friends. The goal is to get moving in a way that you enjoy!

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